Sudbury Stands Against Hate

Sudbury is a community committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion for its residents, students, employees, and visitors. Please see below to learn more about the actions and statements taken by the Town to advance our commitment to expanding social justice.


Proclamations & Statements

Select Board Statement regarding 6/28/22 Racist Zoombomb Incident July 12, 2022
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism Adopted
June 14, 2022
  >IHRA Definition of Antisemitism – 24 Letters of Support  
LGBTQ+ Pride Month – Proclamation June 11, 2022
Statement of the Sudbury Select Board against Antisemitism in our Community June 23, 2021
Joint Statement of the Town Manager and Police Chief on Antisemitic Incident at L-SRHS June 2, 2021
Shadow Pandemic Awareness Month – Proclamation Feb 9, 2021
Statement of the Sudbury Select Board on Racial Justice June 9, 2020
Statement of the Town Manager on National Tragedies and Unrest June 1, 2020
Race Amity Day – Proclamation April 30, 2019


Resources and Information

Community Conversation on Race and Safety
A starting point for addressing this critical issue as a community, the Community Conversation on Race and Safety was broadcast on June 25, 2020.


Goodnow Library

Sudbury CARES (Community Anti-Racism Education Series) is collaboration between the Goodnow Library and other community members with the shared goal of discussing and learning about racism, causes of systemic racism, and what can be done to counteract it. Their website provides access to books, videos, podcasts and more dedicated to anti-racism education.


Police Department

The mission of the Sudbury Police Department is to work with all residents of the community to create a positive partnership emphasizing equality, fairness, integrity, and professionalism. Below are some of the local organizations SPD partners with in fulfilling this mission.


Social Worker

The Social Worker’s Office provides a wealth of information and referrals to those seeking assistance or looking to lend a hand. Their website contains comprehensive resources for many issues and communities, including:


Senior Center

The Sudbury Senior Center is a welcoming community dedicated to offering programming, support and services to the older population of Sudbury.  The Senior Center welcomes people of all race, gender, culture, nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity, economic circumstance, physical and mental ability, family and marital status. 


Town Committees

Sudbury Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission

The mission of the Sudbury Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Commission is to support diversity, achieve equity, and foster inclusion for every member of this community, respecting all aspects of identities.


Commission on Disability

The Commission on Disability works to create and implement programs to provide information and education, eliminate barriers and assist people with disabilities in becoming empowered to advocate for themselves.