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Town of Sudbury Petitions to Intervene at Siting Board

Published on Thursday, 6/15/2017 4:42 pm | by Selectmen's Office | Automatically Archived on 8/30/2017

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Today, the Town of Sudbury petitioned the Energy Facilities Siting Board for leave to intervene as a full party in the upcoming proceedings regarding the proposed Eversource Sudbury to Hudson transmission line.

By filing for intervener status, the Town can take part in discovery as well as present evidence at the proceedings. The Town expects to hear whether the intervener status has been approved in the near future.

“I’m proud of the Town for taking such a strong stand against this project,” said Chairman Bob Haarde. “This is just the first step of many, and the Board of Selectmen is committed to fighting for Sudbury.”

The Board has hired two attorneys to work on the intervention and has been meeting for months to discuss long-term legal strategy.

“The Town has spent a lot of time and effort preparing for this day,” said Town Manager Melissa Rodrigues. “This petition only begins to point out the many deficiencies in the Eversource project.”

The motion to intervene is available here:


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