Eversource to Conduct Soil Borings on MBTA ROW

UPDATE 9/13/18:

The borings will begin in the roadway on September 24, with work on the Right of Way beginning October 1. The work is expected to take 50 days, at a minimum, as this is the estimate for days of work within wetland jurisdiction. 

Click here for the Soil Testing and Borings Schedule.


Eversource survey crews plan to begin marking boring locations and trees to be removed on the MBTA corridor starting Tuesday, August 28. They will also be conducting door-to-door outreach to nearby property owners, notifying them of the upcoming soil borings.

Eversource contractors are scheduled to begin limited tree removal (outside of jurisdictional areas) September 4, with soil borings (outside of jurisdictional areas) beginning September 6.

In addition, their contractors will be submitting police detail requests to support moving equipment onto the MBTA corridor for the soil boring activities. They will also submit street opening permits, proposed traffic management plans, and police detail requests in support of the test pitting activities in the coming weeks.


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