Selectmen Negotiate Lower Unit Count for Quarry North at Melone

Published October 4, 2018 | Town Manager | Updated October 12, 2018 | Automatically Archived on 12/25/2018

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Town Meeting Article to be Postponed to December

The number of units for the Quarry North project at the Melone property has been negotiated down to 274 units from 333 units, the Sudbury Board of Selectmen announced today. Sixty of the 274 units will be senior age-restricted units. The number of non-age restricted units has been reduced from 300 to 214.

The 274 units will be comprised of 100 40B units and 174 market rate units. Seventy percent, the maximum number allowed, of the 40B units will be allocated for local preference housing, which includes Sudbury Town and School employees. The Selectmen negotiated the minimum number of three bedrooms units in the 40B project allowed by law, which is ten percent. Less than ten percent of the market rate units will be comprised of three bedrooms.

“The negotiation team appreciates all of the feedback that we have received from the community. It has helped us begin to negotiate an agreement which reduces the impacts of this development while also putting an end to Sudbury Station and ensuring our 40B safe harbor through 2030,” said Melissa Rodrigues, Town Manager. “During the negotiations, the Developer has demonstrated a commitment to working with the Town to create a positive project for our community.”

At their October 9 meeting, the Board of Selectmen will call a Special Town Meeting for December 11. The December 11 Special Town Meeting will include the disposition of the Melone property and zoning changes that will be necessary to allow the project as currently proposed. The Quarry North developer has agreed to pay for the Special Town Meeting.

“Due to the significant changes we have seen at the negotiation table, it is prudent for the Town to delay the disposition vote, and discuss both items at a Special Town Meeting,” said Melissa Rodrigues, Town Manager. “This gives the Town the opportunity to further our negotiations while we continue the imperative work we are currently undertaking such as traffic studies, fiscal analysis and the school capacity study. The project has changed in a positive way, but that means we need time to rework our analysis based on new information, and to draft zoning language.”

The Developer has agreed to pay for the Town to undertake its own traffic study and school capacity study. Both are being conducted by the Town and are currently underway.

The Developer has also agreed to maintain the existing berm and tree-lined landscape buffer of at least 100 feet along Route 117, and to work with residential abutters on mutually beneficial landscape buffering options. The Developer committed to operating a shuttle service to public transit and to local amenities and Sudbury businesses.

The Town will continue to communicate information to the public as quickly and clearly as possible. A Town Forum will be held before the Special Town Meeting to discuss the project with residents after the studies are completed.

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