Transfer Station Fees

Sudbury Transfer Station, 20 Boston Post Road

Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday — 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Put & Take closes 1/2 earlier)

You must have a sticker on your vehicle to enter the Transfer Station

Material Fee Information
Air Conditioner $20.00 Contains Freon.
Batteries  All types FREE Place in shed.
Brush Not Accepted Get a burning permit from Fire Dept.
Carpeting (Approx 9×12) $32.00 Fee varies on size of carpeting.
Computer   See Transfer Station Monitor.
Computer Monitor $20.00 See Special Bin.
Computer Printer   See Transfer Station Monitor.
Couch (Upholstered Furniture) $16.00 to $32.00 Cannot be placed at Put & Take.
Construction Debris: Sheetrock, Shingles, $32.00 per cu. yd.; $16.00 ½ cu. yd. One 8-ft. pickup truck bed (level) is approx.. 2.5 cubic yards.
Wood (no pressure treated wood) ($16.00 minimum)  
Fax Machine FREE Pay-Per-Throw Trash
Fluorescent Lights FREE Place gently in container. Dont break lights.
Gas Grill $5.00 Metal Pile
Lawnmower $5.00 Drain Gas & Oil. Metal Pile
Twin Mattress and/or Box Spring $16.00  
Double, Queen, King Mattress OR Box $16.00  
Double, Queen, King Mattress AND Box $32.00  
Microwave FREE Metal Pile
Motor Oil FREE Empty into designated tank.
Paint Water base (1 gallon) $4.00 Put cans in paint shed.
Paint Oil base (Not Accepted) Not Accepted **Hazardous Waste
Refrigerator $20.00 Take doors off. (Freon)
Sink Ceramic $16.00  
Sink Metal FREE Metal Pile
Stove/Oven $5.00 Metal Pile
Television Set $20.00 See special bin.
Tire: Car $2.00 per tire  
Truck $10.00 per tire  
Toilet $16.00  
Washing Machine/Dryer $5.00 Metal Pile
Water Heater $5.00 Metal Pile

Note:  Miscellaneous debris is charged at $32.00 per cubic yard ($16.00 minimum. This will be measured by the monitors at the Transfer Station and can be paid for at the site via cash or check. (No credit cards.)

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