Pay-As-You-Throw is a two part system. Resident must purchase a yearly Transfer Station Sticker for their car and then they must use the designated yellow Transfer Station bag to be able to use the waste collection point at the station. The bags are sold in packages of five (5) and come in two sizes, 30 gallon and 15 gallon. (A normal kitchen trash bag is thirteen gallons). These bags are sold locally and are not available at the Transfer Station.

Retailers for Pay-As-You-Throw Bags
Rite Aid Pharmacy
Shaw’s Market
Sudbury Farms
Sudbury Lumber
Town Line Hardware

The bags are sold in packages of five (5)
15-gallon size, 5-pack: $6.00     30-gallon size, 5-pack: $12:00

The Pay-As-You-Throw program continues to be successful as recycling is still up and tonnage of waste hauled is down. The current annual sticker price is $170.00. They are sold in packets of 5 bags at local PAYT Retailers.

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