Application Materials for the Proposed Comprehensive Permit, The Residences at Johnson Farm

Published August 25, 2011 | Board of Appeals | Automatically Archived on 6/15/2012

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 Application materials for the proposed Comprehensive Permit, The Residences at Johnson Farm (ZBA Case #11-40) can be accessed by clicking the following links:

 Johnson Farm Comprehensive Permit Application

 Johnson Farm Comprehensive Permit Architectural Plans

 Johnson Farm Comprehensive Permit Landscape Plans

Johnson Farm Comprehensive Permit Site Plan Cover Sheet

 Johnson Farm Comprehensive Permit Site Plans

 Johnson Farm Comprehensive Permit Traffic Study

 Johnson Farm Comprehensive Permit Traffic Study App. A and B

 Johnson Farm Comprehensive Permit Traffic Study App. C and E

Environmental Notification Form: Residences at Johnson Farm

MEPA Memoranda

6.1 Stormwater Management Plan

6.2 Stormwater Management Plan

6.3 Stormwater Management Plan

6.4 Stormwater Management Plan

 6.5 Stormwater Management Plan

6.6 Stormwater Management Plan

6.7 Stormwater Management Plan

 12/15/2011 Operations and Maintenance Plan

 14331 Porous Pavement Phasing Sequencing Plan

 14331 Response to MEPA DEP Comments

 Alternatives Analysis, Avalon Plan, One Crossing Plan

C-10.0 Site Volume Calculations

Figure 1 Stormwater Management Plan

 Single Sheet Site Plan

Supplemental Porous Pavement Informational Letter

 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Text

 Stormwater Prevention Pollution Plan Forms

Wildlife Habitat Study – December 2011

MEPA Decision on the Environmental Impact Report

Requested Waivers

 Due to a downloading issue the only piece of documentation that is not included on-line is Appendix D of the Traffic Study. Anyone interested in Appendix D of the Traffic Study may visit the Town Clerk’s Office, the Planning and Community Development Department, or the Goodnow Library where hard copies of the entire application are on file.

The initial hearing for this Comprehensive Permit with the Zoning Board of Appeals will be held on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. at The Grange Hall, 326 Concord Road.