Willis Lake Algae Counts Below State Guidelines

Published September 16, 2015 | Board of Health | Automatically Archived on 10/1/2015

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Testing conducted at Willis Lake on Monday 9/14 by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health revealed cyanobacteria counts below the guidelines. The advisory will remain in place until another sample reveals counts within safe levels. Testing will occur on Monday 9/21.

With a prolonged span of warm weather and limited rainfall, many water bodies are experiencing rapid and abundant algae growth. Since the Department of Public Health does not test all bodies of water, residents are advised to exercise caution when boating, fishing, and/or experiencing all waterways/water bodies.

Residents should understand the risks to themselves and their pets and to take precautions to minimize the risk. Avoid ingesting the water and frequently wash hands. Pets should be leashed to limit exposure and to prevent ingestion of the water.

Test results will be immediately posted upon receipt from Mass. DPH.