Ticks Can Make You Sick

Published May 31, 2017 | Board of Health | Automatically Archived on 11/15/2017

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This is the time of the year to be vigilant about tick-borne illness disease prevention. Protect yourself, your family, and pets by taking a few precautions while enjoying the outdoors. Remember you don’t have to be walking in the woods to be bitten by a tick it can happen in your own backyard.

• Check yourself for ticks daily. It may take up to 24 hours for an infected tick to spread disease.

• Use repellents that contain DEET on exposed skin.

• Stick to main paths that are brush and tall grass free.

• Wear long sleeve and light colored clothing, tuck socks into pants to make it easier to spot ticks.

• Remove ticks attached at once.

If you suspect you have a tick-borne disease consult your physician immediately. For more information go to www.mass.gov/dph/tick





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