2019 Town-wide Roadway Resurfacing Schedule

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2019 Pavement Management Program

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The 2019 Roadway Resurfacing program is now complete. Thank you to staff and contractors who worked to perform the work as efficiently as possible given a very rainy season, and thank you to residents for your patience during detours and road closures necessary to complete resurfacing. For a complete list of the streets that were treated, please see schedule at bottom of page.


UPDATE 8/26/19:

The final phase of 2019 Roadway Resurfacing is slated to be completed this week.

Micro surfacing is scheduled for Union Ave on August 28 & 29 (Wednesday & Thursday) from 8 PM to 5 AM on both nights, weather permitting.

Above schedule is subject to change.


UPDATE 7/25/19:

Crack sealing is scheduled to begin town-wide on August 4 at 9PM (streets shown in green on the 2019 Roadwork Schedule).
Micro surfacing is scheduled for Union Ave on August 19 & 20 at 9PM.
Above schedule is subject to change.


UPDATE 7/18/19:

Paving on Woodside Road is scheduled for Friday, July 19. The road will be closed to traffic from approximately 7AM-8PM.

Above schedule is subject to change.


UPDATE 7/15/19:

Due to weather conditions, there was a one-day delay on paving work. Dates are now as follows:

  • Paving Powdermill Rd 7/17 (hard closure)
  • Paving Woodside Rd 7/18 (hard closure)

Above schedule is subject to change.


UPDATE 7/12/19:

  • Milling Woodside Rd 7/12
  • Raising structures 7/13 (Powerdmill & Woodside Rds)
  • Pouring all wheel chair ramps 7/15
  • Starting patchwork along Union Ave 7/15 (8pm-4am). Following nights should be micro-surface application
  • Paving Powdermill Rd 7/16 (hard closure)
  • Paving Woodside Rd  7/17 (hard closure) 

Above schedule is subject to change.


UPDATE 7/1/19:

Powder Mill Road will be milled on July 9-10. Once the area is complete, milling will continue to Woodside Road on July 10-11. After wheelchair ramps and any necessary patchwork to the roadway are complete, paving work will require a hard closure along the roadways.

Union Avenue preservation work is scheduled to begin July 14-15. It will be night work (8pm-4am) which includes patching, cracksealing and two applications of micro-surface.


UPDATE 5/7/19:

The final top course is being applied in the Richard/ Lillian/ Sexton/Allene/Allan neighborhood.






























UPDATE 4/3/19:

Today, we are paving a leveling course on the Richard/ Lillian/ Sexton/Allene/Allan neighborhood. Weather permitting Monday casting adjustment Tuesday final top course. 















The Sudbury Public Works Department is implementing its 2019 Pavement Management Program. The program will use industry-leading methods to assure the work is completed as efficiently as possible and that the road surface improvements last for many years.

During the process, we aim to produce the least disruption possible to drivers and residents.


  • Timeframe: Beginning April 22, 2019 and continuing throughout the spring and summer.
  • Morning Work: Roadwork starts at 7:00AM and may continue into the evening hours as needed.
  • Night Work: Working at night makes it possible to keep roads open during the day to allow normal traffic flow. However, night work, which is performed between 8:00PM – 3:00AM, may be disruptive at times.
  • Driveway Access: There may be times when access to private residential driveways is restricted and you may not be able to pull into your driveway until road work has passed.
  • Work Crews: It is crucial that vehicles and pedestrians please follow all signs and observe traffic control crew instructions to avoid damages to the road work as well as your vehicle.
  • Emergency Notifications: To receive notifications regarding road work and closures, please sign up at: https://sudbury.ma.us/R911

Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseen conditions that are out of the control of the Public Works Department including weather, equipment-related issues and other contractor commitments. Additional work may be added or work limits may be altered as budgets and construction season allows. Thank you for your patience during this process.


Subject to Change





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