FY15 Consolidated Budget and Financing Plan

Published September 5, 2014 | Finance Department | Updated February 5, 2015 | Automatically Archived on 9/20/2015

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The 252-page FY15 Budget and Financing Plan is now available for viewing and downloading here :FY15 Consolidated Budget and Financing Plan. Highlights of this year’s document include:

  • Sections 1 – 4 offer important updates regarding all funds, key budget drivers and current outlook;
  • Sections 5 – 12 provide detailed data on the appropriated FY15 budgets and comparisons to the prior three fiscal years;
  • Section 7 contains new references to Sudbury’s evolving Strategic Financial Plan for Capital;
  • Section 13 contains useful demographic data, an update to Sudbury’s Capital Budgeting and Planning Policy, and a snapshot list of recently completed Selectmen’s Goals.

The document represents one of the Town’s most important obligations to be as transparent and comprehensive as possible to its residents as to: why the level of financial resources is needed each year, and what is accomplished with those resources; who is responsible for delivering those services, and where do we see our greatest strengths and challenges now and in the future.

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