Town of Sudbury’s Budget Package FY09

Published January 9, 2008 | Finance Committee | Automatically Archived on 4/12/2008

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A complete view of the Town’s budget submission package for fiscal year 2009.  It includes budget requests for the three major cost centers (General Government, Sudbury Public Schools and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School) as well as a review of the Town’s Revenue Forecast, Economic Data and other reference materials.  The Finance Committee will be hosting a series of budget hearings from Jan. 10th through Feb. 7th to discuss the proposed budget.  These hearings are public and will be televised (and re-broadcasted) on local cable channel 8.  The public is encouraged tune in or attend the hearings in-person in preparation of the Annual Town Meeting to be held in April.

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Sudbury’s Budget Package FY09

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