Sudbury Fire and Police Receive “Call of the Quarter” Award

MetroWest Medical Center awarded Sudbury Fire and Police personnel the “Call of the Quarter Award” for excellence in pre-hospital care.  The Award in recognition of outstanding service and commitment to exceptional patient care was presented by Ava Collins, CEO of MWMC, to Sudbury Fire and Police for their response to a cardiac call in August 2021. 

MWMC recognized the Sudbury Police officers who were first on scene and provided CPR and the Sudbury Fire personnel who provided Advanced Life Support (ALS) care and transport to MWMC.  Chief Scott Nix and Officers Ethan Karol, William Crisafulli and Dylan Haldiman of the Sudbury Police Department, and Captain/EMT-P William Francis, LT/EMT Kyle Gordon, and FF/Paramedics Alan Larochelle, Jaime Ragusa, and Daniel Wells of the Sudbury Fire Department were all honored.

Also present for the award were David Morris, M.D., MWMC E.R. Physician and Sudbury’s Medical Director, and John Georges, MWMC EMS Liaison/Emergency Department, Sudbury Fire Chief John Whalen and Sudbury Town Manager Henry Hayes, Jr.