UPDATE 9/11/19 EEE Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

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UPDATE – 9/11/2019 EEE Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – SEE BELOW

The Sudbury Board of Health called an emergency meeting on Sunday, September 8th to discuss an organized and appropriate response for the confirmed case of EEE. The following measures were voted on and approved:

  1. The Board voted unanimously to conduct town-wide truck mounted mosquito spraying to reduce the remaining mosquito population as an effective measure to reduce EEE risk. This action is supported by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and will be conducted by the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project.
  2. The Board voted unanimously to continue advising residents to adhere to all MDPH recommendations and guidelines that can be found at https://www.mass.gov/guides/eee-in-massachusetts. These guidelines are continually being revised and residents are encouraged to visit the site frequently.
  3. The Board voted unanimously to instruct the Director of Public Health to continue an educational campaign utilizing the town website and MDPH websites as primary methods to distribute information. The Board instructed the Health Director to prioritize EEE response and to attend all town meetings to support Boards and committees.
  4. The Board voted unanimously to prioritize continued evaluation of current relevant data on EEE and response, including spraying. The Director must continually advise the Board until the threat is diminished and take appropriate action to protect public health.

All boards, committees, and staff are contributing to a unified response.


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