Second Floor

Children's Room

This room along with the room below was an addition put on the year after the house was built. Originally, the second floor of the addition was the cobbler’s workshop and the room below was used for storage. Alice, Florence’s sister, was a teacher in Weston for most of her life. In her later years when she became ill, she moved back into the home and occupied this room as her bedroom and the room below became her sitting room. The stairs on the side of the room led to her sitting room below. Known to be a quiet and shy individual, this room with its own staircase gave her some privacy. She also had her own toilet which is inside the small closet. On the left is a built-in cupboard with shelves and two steps inside to allow head room for the stairs underneath. The quilt on the iron framed bed is original.The ceiling and floor do not match the house since this was an addition. Above the staircase is a painting of a little girl that Florence painted when she was 10. The painting below of a young boy is not signed by Florence, so it is not known who painted it. Florence taught art at whiting school for girls on concord road and painted many of the girls’ portraits. The dolls and toys in the room belonged to Florence and her siblings.