Narrated by Sean Barrett, Resident of Sudbury

First Floor

Dining Room

This room was originally the kitchen. The hearth was the cooking area. To the right of the fireplace is a bricked opening with a door which was used to keep food warm, including the bread and pies that Florence Hosmer made.

The green glass on the dining table was used for company, not for everyday use. The dishes in the glass cases were all owned by the Hosmers. Above the hearth are paintings of fruit baskets that Florence received when she was ill. She painted them and showed them to those who gave her the gifts.

The bowl on the small table is pictured in the painting on the wall above. Also the copperware located by the dish cabinet which houses the Cantonese dishes appears in the painting on the wall above. On the top of the hutch is a white teapot with matching cup and saucer which is pictured in the painting above done by Florence.

The yellow dishes, a gift to Florence, were from Mexico. Yellow was Florence’s favorite color. The dishes with the blue pattern are Cantonese ware. In the doorway between the dining room and parlor are sealed glass cases which contain Van Briggle pottery.

Featured Paintings