First floor

Store Room

Most of the room as seen today is original, with the exception of some renovations. The narrow wooden beams on the storeroom ceiling are original. The wider cross beams were added to get more support for the house.

Before the Hosmer family purchased the house, this room was the Sudbury post office and a general store. The original PO boxes are displayed with the names of town residents in the l800s. On the Concord Road side of the room are books with photographs on a pedestal that show the house as it was before renovations were done in the early l980s.

After the Hosmer family acquired the house, the storeroom was used as a family room and later an art studio. In the south corner of the room is Florence’s original studio sign advertising her art on one side and the tea room on the other side. It was displayed at her studio on Newbury Street in Boston. On the table next to her sign are her original palettes and some of her brushes. In the same corner are several paintings of local buildings from the era.

Some of Florence’s original pottery is on display behind the counter on the shelves. The large barrel was used for storing molasses. The typewriters on display were owned by Florence. There’s also the family butter churn and Florence’s desk.