Narrated by Sean Barrett, Resident of Sudbury

First Floor


The furniture in this room, the Victrola, and the books are original to the home and belonged to Florence. The Victrola is still in working condition. The bench by the fireplace was once a pew in the Congregational Church. It was given to Florence by the minister.

Many items in the room including the lamp and furniture as well as small decorative items are shown in Florence’s painting to the left of the fireplace. This portrait shows Florence’s mother in a rocking chair and her father’s portrait over the mantel.

The wall to the left of the fireplace has paintings of Florence’s brothers, Albert on the left and Winfred on the right. Winfred (Fred) Everett Hosmer studied nursing, enjoyed writing occasional poems, and loved painting. Albert (Burt) Edwin Hosmer was a musician and voice teacher who performed with some members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He taught music at Muskingum College in New Concord, OH.

The paintings on the wall near the entry hall show Florence’s grandmother to the right of the door and her mother on the left. The younger woman in the painting in the corner by the book cabinet is probably Florence’s mother at a young age. This would have been done from a photograph. The woman in a white dress by the doorway to the dining room is a cousin, Harriet Eaton. It is not known who did the bust of a woman.

Featured Paintings