Narrated by Sean Barrett, Resident of Sudbury

Second Floor

Florence's Bedroom

This was Florence’s bedroom for most of her life. It contains her desk where she wrote numerous letters, her chair where she often sat looking out the window, her rope bed with its original feather mattress, and a dresser full of her clothes.

The cranberry glass light fixture was found in pieces in a box in the attic. It was reassembled and placed in its original location above her dresser.

The portrait over the fireplace is of Stella Burns Hosmer, Burt’s first wife.

On the southern wall is a painting of her favorite cat, Muffett. Behind the door are two self-portraits of Florence, one when she was 53 (1933) and one when she was 63 (1943). The glasses that she is wearing in the earlier painting are on her desk.

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