Narrated by Sean Barrett, Resident of Sudbury

Second Floor

Fred's Bedroom

When Florence’s brother Fred came to visit, he stayed in this bedroom. The clothes exhibited in the room were his.

The rugs are original. The bedroom furniture, thought to have belonged to Florence’s parents, is called Honeymoon Furniture. It has four matching pieces. The frame of the rocking chair is original, but has been rewoven as it had a large hole in the middle. The bottom of the gas lamp on the dresser is original. Although the wallpaper is not original, its design was based on a flowered vase located on the mantel.

When the Hosmers lived in the house there was a walkway, which is now a closet, between Fred’s bedroom and Florence’s bedroom.

The large painting over the fireplace is a portrait of Barbara Maynard Trombly when she was five years old. A photograph of Ms. Trombly, who was in her late 80s at the time, sits on the night table next to the bed. Ms. Twombly came back to visit the Hosmer House when in her 80s and she immediately recognized herself and said
“That’s me. I know because Miss Hosmer made me put the bow in my hair. I pulled it out, but my mother made me put it back in.”

The painting to the left of the fireplace is a self-portrait of Florence when she was 18. Over the bed is a painting of Florence’s grandmother.

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