Help Needed to Keep Stormwater Drainage Working Properly

Published November 6, 2019 | Planning & Community Development | Automatically Archived on 11/30/2019

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Leaves can be a lot of fun, but they can also cause problems.

As leaves change color this fall, please remember: leaves that collect on top of catch basins in the streets may result in drainage problems in your neighborhood.

The Public Works Department performs a variety of maintenance activities throughout the year to keep the catch basins free of debris. Residents can help keep stormwater drainage systems working properly by removing leaves and debris from catch basins and sidewalks.
How You Can Help

  • Clear leaves from catch basins near your (or an elder neighbor’s) house or business. Dispose of leaves with yard waste.
  • Clear other debris from on top of catch basins. Place this debris in a trash can.
  • Sweep debris from your sidewalk and driveway. Put debris in a trash can, Don’t sweep or blow it into a gutter or catch basin!
  • Keep catch basins flowing during the winter by removing snow and ice from the grate.

Performing these Simple Tasks will

  • Reduce stormwater, which causes problems for motorists and pedestrians, from collecting along streets.
  • Decrease the amount of debris entering the storm drain system through catch basins.
  • Minimize pollution of local waterways, rivers, and streams.

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