Parking On-Street Notice

Published November 18, 2005 | Select Board's Office | Automatically Archived on 5/1/2006

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With the approach of winter, the Board of Selectmen and Town staff ask for the cooperation of all residents in complying with Town of Sudbury Bylaws, which require that there be NO ON-STREET PARKING DURING SNOW AND ICE EMERGENCIES AND ANY TIME STREET PLOWING OR SANDING OPERATIONS ARE NEEDED. Thank you for your attention to the regulation summarized below.

On-street parking is prohibited during snow and ice storms and snow and ice removal operations. The Director of Public Works is authorized to remove and store any vehicle interfering with the work of removing or plowing snow or removing ice from any street. The owner of such vehicle shall be liable for the cost of such removal and storage, and shall be subject to a daily fine of $50 for violation of this bylaw.

Maureen G. Valente, Town Manager