Sudbury Welcomes New Combined Facilities Director

Published August 2, 2018 | Select Board's Office | Automatically Archived on 8/31/2018

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This week, the Town of Sudbury welcomed William Barletta as the new Combined Facilities Director. The Combined Facilities Director is a position shared by the Town and the Sudbury Public Schools.

“Bill comes to Sudbury with a wealth of experience and he was highly regarded by those who worked with him in the past,” said Brad Crozier, Superintendent of the Sudbury Public Schools. “I have appreciated his immediate efforts to get to know the staff, our procedures, and facilities.”

Bill, who has a Bachelor’s degree from Merrimack College in Business Administration, formerly worked at Fitchburg State University as the Executive Director of Capital Planning and Maintenance and at the Fitchburg Public Schools as the Director of School Building Maintenance. Prior to that, he worked in private construction and as a fire fighter.

“I’m very excited to welcome Bill to our team,” said Melissa Rodrigues, Town Manager. “His background and his commitment to public service and teamwork is going to make him a valuable asset to our community. I look forward to introducing him to residents, volunteers and employees in the coming weeks.”