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Storm Debris Pickup UPDATE April 20, 2018

DPW is working to clear Sudbury’s roadways of the storm debris. Due to the extent of storm-related damages, the cleanup efforts will take several weeks to complete.

Residents have been asked to pull any tree debris that has resulted from the storm to a point on their property that is four to ten feet from the edge of pavement by Friday, March 30, 2018. Debris removal specialists have surveyed the extent of the damages and provided the town with a work plan. The objective of this cleanup is to remove vegetative debris that fell during the storm. We are asking residents to include only vegetation or debris that was damaged during the storm as additional debris will only increase the costs and extend the timeline of the cleanup efforts.

The town is offering two options for removal of debris resulting from the storm:

Residential storm debris removal began on Monday, April 16. A schedule of work is shown in the maps below and will be updated on a weekly basis. Road conditions and weather events may impact the schedule.

Please note, due to cost, roads will be cleared once and it will not be possible to return to areas that have been cleared. We ask that residents plan accordingly.

The Work Schedule for debris pickup is reflected in the map below. Please click to view in detail.

Please note, the schedule is subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances.

Maps will be updated on a weekly basis.

Week 2: 4/23/18 – 4/28/18


Week 1: 4/16/18 – 4/21/18

 Mayer Tree Service has been selected to perform the debris cleanup work. Below are pictures of the equipment that will be used.

While storm debris pick-up will include all residential roads, those who wish to dispose of their debris sooner and have a means of transporting the debris will be able to do so at the drop-off site. Starting on Monday, April 16, Sudbury residents may drop off storm debris at the Melone property on North Road (Route 117). Please bring a photo ID: this service is open to Sudbury residents only, no landscape companies and no commercial loads will be permitted. There is no charge for this service. We are asking residents not to include vegetation or debris that was not damaged during the storm or that is part of regular landscaping. Additional debris will only increase the costs and extend the timeline of the cleanup efforts.

Dates: April 16, 2018 – June 1, 2018
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8AM – 3PM
Residents Only: Please bring photo ID. No contractors.


Drop off Entrance Sign located at Melone property on Route 117.


Click map for directions to the debris drop off site (Melone Gravel Pit).

Typically, a minimum of 30 days are needed for the town to advertise, obtain quotes and award a contract for this type of service. Sudbury utilized an emergency procurement process which allowed us to hire a contractor in one week. The timeline is as follows:

Bid Specifications Distributed: April 5, 2018 – COMPLETED
Vendor Site Visit: April 9, 2018 – COMPLETED
Bids Due: April 12, 2018 – COMPLETED
Contract Awarded: April 13, 2018 – COMPLETED
Begin Work: April 16, 2018 – COMPLETED

Further support of cleanup efforts have been requested from the state. Please click on the following dates to see the letters mailed on 3/15/18 and 3/29/18.


Please be careful not to block walkways or impede travel along roadways. Your patience is appreciated as we work to clean up after the recent powerful storms. We recognize that this is a long and difficult process and we are committed to working with residents until the project is completed.


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