Recyclable Materials Accepted at the Transfer Station

Published September 6, 2011 | Transfer Station / Recycling Center | Automatically Archived on 9/13/2011

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Sudbury Transfer Station, 20 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA 01776
Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm    
Material What to Recycle How to Recycle Not acceptable
Newspapers Newpapers Must be loose. No bags No plastic bags.
  including inserts and or string.  
Clean corrugated Clean corrugated Boxes must be flattened No corrugated cardboard that is
cardboard cardboard, any color.   soiled. No pizza boxes. No boxes
      previously containing food items. No
      paperboard or paperboard boxes. No polystyrene (Styrofoam).*
Mixed paper Junk mail, mixed Must be loose. No newspaper. No heavy coated
including brown office papers,   containers such as milk cartons or
paper bags phonebooks,   juice boxes. No pizza boxes. No
  magazines, catalogs,   tissue, napkins, paper cups and
  paper bags, all clean   plates, carton paper, envelopes w/
  paperboard,   foil liners plastic bags or plastic-
  paperboard boxes,   coated paper (e.g. U.S. Postal
  paper egg cartons.   overnight mailers or Fed Ex
      envelopes). No hardcover books.
Clean glass Clear, green, brown. Remove lids, corks, caps NO window glass, pyrex, mirrors,
bottles and jars.   metal or plastic screw tops, drinking glasses, light bulbs,
    neck rings, metal or plastic chinaware, or pottery.
    neck labels. NO returnables in this bin.
Clean plastic Clean empty plastic Rinse or clean out No plastic bags.
containers with containers and jugs containers. No plastic caps or lids.
recycling symbol all separated by Flatten milk/water jugs on a No polystyrene (Styrofoam).*
on bottom inside a triangle of arrows. recycling symbol clean surface so dirt does No plastic sheeting or vinyl. No pesticide bottles
  numbers and not become embedded. Caution: motor oil and antifreeze are
Plastics 1-2 deposited in separate Only well drained motor oil hazardous materials-do not dispose
also designated bins. and antifreeze bottles are down a drain.
Plastics 3-7 No caps or lids. accepted.  
Clean Scrap Metal and All metal items: cast Deposit in large scrap No oil based paint cans. No
appliances * iron, light iron, copper, metal bin. propane tanks or TV sets.
  brass, lead. (Some   No refrigerators, dehumidifiers or
  appliances with $ fee.)   air conditioners, these are collected
      separately by the monitor.
Tin and steel Clean food and Rinse and flatten if No returnable cans in this bin.
cans, metal jar lids. beverage cans and possible. Paper labels are  
  empty aerosol cans. O.K. Deposit in designated  
Aluminum cans, Clean aluminum Deposit with tin and No returnable cans in this bin.
Foil and lids. cans, foil, pie plates, steel cans.  
  food containers and Do NOT put in scrap metal  
  trays. bin.  
Deposit bottles Must have "MA Rinse and leave at All other bottles and cans go to
and cans. deposit" on bottle designated area. either glass or tin/steel can bin.
  or can.    
Motor Oil Car motor oil, Empty into designated No antifreeze, brake fluid
  Lawnmower oil. collection tank. or gasoline. These are hazardous
  Transmission oil,   waste materials and should be
  Hydraulic oil.   saved for periodic Hazardous
      Waste Days.
Batteries Automotive batteries. Leave in designated area. No household, button, dry cell
      or emergency lighting batteries.
      Save these for Hazardous
      Waste Days.
Leaves and Leaves and Grass Bring to designated area. No brush or plastic bags.
Grass clippings clippings only. Please dump leaves and  
    clippings out of the bags.  
Christmas Trees Bare Christmas Trees Take to designated area. No ornaments or other
      items/materials. (Call for available times.)
Tires Car and Truck tires. Drop off at designated No metal wheels-deposit in scrap
    area. There is a $2.00 metal bin.
    fee per tire. See monitor.  
Clothing Wearable used Put into collection bin. Only clothing is accepted.
Books Used books, but no Leave in small wood No Condensed Readers Digest
  condensed Readers building just before the books or Test Books.
  Digest books, magazines or entrance into recycling No phone books – see mixed paper.
  text books. center.  
Put & Take area. Clean reusable items Leave in designated area. No mattresses or boxsprings,
(May thru Oct only). that are in good   upholstered furniture, TV's or Tires
  working order only.   No Computers, Monitors, Printers.
  No clothes or books.   No propane tanks, sinks, toilets
      rugs, wood, clothes, gas oil or
      other hazardous waste materials.
Styrofoam "peanuts" and "shells" can be recycled at packing companies such as Postal
Annex in Wayland or any Mail Boxes Etc. store. Recycle plastic bags at supermarkets.
Railroad Ties (creosote) not accepted      
This is a general guide only. Please follow instructions on signs at Recycling Center.
Hazardous Waste Day is run by the Board of Health. For dates call, 978-443-2209 x1379.
Other specific items that can not be recycled but can be brought to the Transfer Station and deposited
for a fee (fee schedule):    
Construction debris Television Sets  
Shingles   Computer Monitors