Addendum 1 – Vault HVAC System

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May 2, 2011




Jim Kelley




Bill Scanlon




Town of Sudbury


Vault HVAC System







Addendum #1



  1. There are no liquidated damages.
  2. There is no fencing within the project.
  3. Cutting and patching is the responsibility of the contractor.  The Town of Sudbury will paint patches once the project is complete.
  4. Fire Alarm lockout during construction shall be the responsibility of the contractor.
  5. The new HVAC system is less than 2000 CFM and is not required to report back to the building fire alarm system.  The new system shall be provided with a smoke detector and controls.  The system shall de-energize the system and close dampers once it senses smoke.
  6. The thermostat shall be installed within the basement vault.
  7. The vault wall thickness is unknown, plans dated 4-14-31 indicate 16 inches in lower vault and 13 inches in upper vault