Sudbury Conservation Commission Re-opens Trail around Duck Pond in Hop Brook Conservation Land

Published January 16, 2013 | Conservation Office | Automatically Archived on 1/23/2013

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 After closing the unsafe trail last winter, the Sudbury Conservation Commission is very pleased to announce the re-opening of the popular trail around the Duck Pond in the Hop Brook Conservation Land off Dutton Road.  The opening of this trail was made possible by Erik Lloyd, Eagle Scout Candidate from Troop 12 Framingham, part of the Knox Trail Council.

Erik’s approach to the project was well-thought out and very professional.  He was open to suggestions, flexible, and very patient in dealing with permitting and design reviews by several Town departments.  He was able to provide a quality product for very little cost to the Town by fund-raising for the majority of the materials needed.  He provided leadership and direction for all the Troop participants.

The new bridge replaces planks that were unsafe, unsightly, and inhibited wildlife movement.  As a result of this new, well-built, aesthetically-pleasing bridge, visitors are now invited to stop and appreciate the scenic vista.  At the same time, the bridge greatly improves the ecological functioning of this important natural area.  It allows for the uninterrupted passage of animals; it provides room for the beavers to continue to build their dam; and it raises the trail to prevent erosion from foot traffic.  Erik also performed needed trail work on the abutting section of the trail (clearing and wood chips) that was equally essential for public enjoyment and safety and greatly enhances the experience.  The Conservation Commission has received many very positive comments on his work.

Erik wishes to thank his parents, David and Sharon Lloyd, and his brother, Ryan, for all their support and assistance.  The Sudbury Conservation Commission wishes to thank Erik for his major contribution to public enjoyment of our natural resources.