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COVID-19 Information and Updates

(Sticky Post) Published

July 22, 2020

| Health Department
| Updated

December 4, 2023

| Archived

This Post has been archived and its content might be outdated. If you are looking for recent content, please check this Department's Homepage.

Below please find UPDATES and RESOURCES on COVID-19. It is important to note that the Novel Coronavirus presents an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Please revisit the resources on this page to keep abreast of continual updates.

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Pre-Register for Vaccination  Vaccination Data & Updates    Vaccine Info   Report Vaccine Symptoms  COVID-19  Mass Dashboard   MA Case Map   Cases in Sudbury Prevention   Are You Sick?  Is Your Child Sick?   Should You be Tested?  COVID-19 Online Screenings   Testing Sites  Testing Sites Map   Senior Help Line-211   John Hopkins Map         CDC FAQ’s    World Health Org FAQ’s    CDC Health Advisories Prevention Video



Please click on the blue hyperlinks below for updates, details and advisories.

7/8/22 – Distribution of At-Home COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests for Sudbury Residents

6/13/22 – State COVID Test Kits Available Soon For General Public

2/09/22 – State Education Commission Updates Masking Guidelines  

2/08/22 – Sudbury Board of Health Updates Mask Mandate  

1/12/22 – Health Department ARPA Funding Proposal

1/12/22 – Health Department Social Work ARPA Funding Proposal

12/10/21-Adolescents Ages 16 & 17 Encouraged to get Pfizer COVID Booster 

12/6/21 – First case of Omicron Variant in Massachusetts  

9/01/21 – Sudbury BoH Face Covering Mandate

8/10/21 – Sudbury BoH Face Covering Advisory  

7/30/21 – Face Covering and Mask Advisory Guidelines  

7/30/21 – DESE Guidelines For Schools this Fall 

4/27/21 – Gov. Baker Announces New Steps in Re-opening Plan

3/18/21 – Phase IV Reopening/Gatherings/Travel Advisory/Business Grants

3/17/21 – Gov. Baker Announces Vaccination Timeline For All Residents   

3/11/21 – Information About the 3 Different Vaccines

3/10/21 – Gov. Baker Announces Pre-Registration and School Personnel Vaccines

                 Designated Clinic Dates School Personnel are 3/27, 4/3, 4/10 and 4/11

3/10/21 – Mass offers Vaccine Pre-Registration Option-Starting 3/12/21 

3/10/21 – Teachers/School Personnel Vaccination Dates Announced

2/23/21 –  Gov. Baker Announces Plans for Continued Reopening

2/16/21 –  Vaccine to be Distributed to 20 Hardest Hit Communities 

2/16/21 – First Case of the South Africa, B.1.351 COVID-19 Variant Identified

1/25/21 – Gov. Baker Urges Public to Remain Patient – Vaccination Update

1/14/21- COVID Vaccine Information for the General Public

1/14/21 –  Gov. Baker Announces Next Steps in COVID Vaccinations

1/5/21  –   COVID Interactive Dashboard – New From MDPH

1/5/21   –   Residents Are Encouraged to Visit Mass.Gov Website for Updates on COVID Vaccines

12/27/20 – Massachusetts Reported Cases Link to State Website.

12/23/20 – Governor’s Temporary Capacity and Gathering Limits Eff. 12/26/2020

12/21/20 – Celebrate Safely During COVID-19

12/9/20 – Gov. Baker Announces Initial Steps to Vaccine Distribution

STOP THE SPREAD Register at Free test sites for Mass residents. Test types, wait and result times are highly variable.

12/8/20 – Sector Reopening Chart  – Gov. Baker Rolls Back Reopening to Phase 3 Step 1

12/8/20 – Return to Work Guidelines

12/8/20 – New Quarantine Guidelines

11/2/20 – Governor’s Revised Face Coverings Order No. 55

11/2/20 – Governor’s Further Revised Gatherings Order No. 54

11/2/20 – Governor’s Early Closing and Alcohol Order No. 53 

9/29/20 – State Announces Transition to Step II of Phase III for Low Risk Communities

9/15/20 – Sudbury Board of Health Press Release on Teenage Gathering

8/7/20  –  Gov. Baker New Initiatives to Stop the Spread of COVID-19  

8/3/20   – Gov. Baker Tweets – Wear Face Coverings    

7/27/20 – Sudbury COVID Weekly Reported Numbers

7/24/20 – Governor Baker’s Executive Order for Travelers Arriving in Mass 

7/23/20 – Proposed Regulation for Masks and Face Coverings

7/8/20   – FDA Recalls Hand Sanitizers that contain Menthol Contamination

5/22/20 – COVID-19 Re-Opening for Businesses 

5/18/20 – Gov. Baker’s Phased Reopening

5/17/20 – Boston Children’s Hospital COVID Positive Guidance

5/13/20 – Testing of Persons with Suspect COVID-19

5/7/20  –  Essential Services FAQ’s

5/1/20  –  Gov. Baker Orders Use of Masks or Face Coverings in Public

4/29/20 – Proper Way to Wear Face Coverings

4/29/20 – Sudbury Face Covering Mandate  

4/28/20 – Gov. Baker Extends State of Emergency Order to May 18, 2020

4/21/20 – Gov. Baker Extends School Closures and Non-Essential Day Care Thru June 29th

4/10/20 – Message from Dr. Peter Hoenig, Sudbury Board of Health Physician regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

4/1/20   – President’s 30 Days to Slow the Spread

3/31/20 – Gov. Baker Extends Non-Essential Business Closures and Executive Branch Employee Guidance

3/31/20 – Gov. Baker Announces New Actions to Support Ongoing COVID-19 Response  

3/29/20 – Gov. Baker Launches COVID-19 PPE Procurement and Donation  Program 

3/27/20 – Gov. Baker Announces 14 Day Self Quarantine for Travelers Entering Massachusetts

3/25/20 – Gov. Baker Launches COVID-19 Text Alert System   

3/25/20 – DPH Update Guidance for Assemblages 

3/23/20 – Governor Baker’s Declaration on Essential Services and Revised Gathering Order

3/20/20 – Social Distancing Advisory: Gatherings Pose High Risk in Spreading COVID-19

3/18/20 – Sudbury State of Emergency Declaration

3/15/20 – Governor Baker’s Declaration on Public Assemblies

3/15/20 – Board of Selectmen COVID-19 Statement




Please click on the blue hyperlinks below for Latest Updates, General Information, Preparation & Prevention, Isolation & Quarantine Measures, Travel, Mental Health & Emotional Support and Schools.



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211 Helpline-COVID-19 Information and Resources or dial 211.



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CDC Guidelines to those remanded to at home Isolation

CDC Guidelines to those remanded to at home Quarantine

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Sudbury Travel Announcement – 3/4/2020



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