COVID-19 Information & Updates

Below please find UPDATES and RESOURCES on COVID-19. It is important to note that the Novel Coronavirus presents an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Please revisit the resources on this page to keep abreast of continual updates.

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Please click on the blue hyperlinks below for updates, details and advisories.

2/25/21 –  Gov. Baker Announces Plans for Continued Reopening

2/16/21 –  Vaccine to be Distributed to 20 Hardest Hit Communities 

2/16/21 – First Case of the South Africa, B.1.351 COVID-19 Variant Identified

1/25/21 – Gov. Baker Urges Public to Remain Patient – Vaccination Update

1/14/21- COVID Vaccine Information for the General Public

1/14/21 –  Gov. Baker Announces Next Steps in COVID Vaccinations

1/5/21  –   COVID Interactive Dashboard – New From MDPH

1/5/21   –   Residents Are Encouraged to Visit Mass.Gov Website for Updates on COVID Vaccines

12/27/20 – Massachusetts Reported Cases Link to State Website.

12/23/20 – Governor’s Temporary Capacity and Gathering Limits Eff. 12/26/2020

12/21/20 – Celebrate Safely During COVID-19

12/9/20 – Gov. Baker Announces Initial Steps to Vaccine Distribution

STOP THE SPREAD Register at Free test sites for Mass residents. Test types, wait and result times are highly variable.

12/8/20 – Sector Reopening Chart  – Gov. Baker Rolls Back Reopening to Phase 3 Step 1

12/8/20 – Return to Work Guidelines

12/8/20 – New Quarantine Guidelines

11/2/20 – Governor’s Revised Face Coverings Order No. 55

11/2/20 – Governor’s Further Revised Gatherings Order No. 54

11/2/20 – Governor’s Early Closing and Alcohol Order No. 53 

9/29/20 – State Announces Transition to Step II of Phase III for Low Risk Communities

9/15/20 – Sudbury Board of Health Press Release on Teenage Gathering

8/7/20  –  Gov. Baker New Initiatives to Stop the Spread of COVID-19  

8/3/20   – Gov. Baker Tweets – Wear Face Coverings    

7/27/20 – Sudbury COVID Weekly Reported Numbers

7/24/20 – Governor Baker’s Executive Order for Travelers Arriving in Mass 

7/23/20 – Proposed Regulation for Masks and Face Coverings

7/8/20   – FDA Recalls Hand Sanitizers that contain Menthol Contamination

5/22/20 – COVID-19 Re-Opening for Businesses 

5/18/20 – Gov. Baker’s Phased Reopening

5/17/20 – Boston Children’s Hospital COVID Positive Guidance

5/13/20 – Testing of Persons with Suspect COVID-19

5/7/20  –  Essential Services FAQ’s

5/1/20  –  Gov. Baker Orders Use of Masks or Face Coverings in Public

4/29/20 – Proper Way to Wear Face Coverings

4/29/20 – Sudbury Face Covering Mandate  

4/28/20 – Gov. Baker Extends State of Emergency Order to May 18, 2020

4/21/20 – Gov. Baker Extends School Closures and Non-Essential Day Care Thru June 29th

4/10/20 – Message from Dr. Peter Hoenig, Sudbury Board of Health Physician regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

4/1/20   – President’s 30 Days to Slow the Spread

3/31/20 – Gov. Baker Extends Non-Essential Business Closures and Executive Branch Employee Guidance

3/31/20 – Gov. Baker Announces New Actions to Support Ongoing COVID-19 Response  

3/29/20 – Gov. Baker Launches COVID-19 PPE Procurement and Donation  Program 

3/27/20 – Gov. Baker Announces 14 Day Self Quarantine for Travelers Entering Massachusetts

3/25/20 – Gov. Baker Launches COVID-19 Text Alert System   

3/25/20 – DPH Update Guidance for Assemblages 

3/23/20 – Governor Baker’s Declaration on Essential Services and Revised Gathering Order

3/20/20 – Social Distancing Advisory: Gatherings Pose High Risk in Spreading COVID-19

3/18/20 – Sudbury State of Emergency Declaration

3/15/20 – Governor Baker’s Declaration on Public Assemblies

3/15/20 – Board of Selectmen COVID-19 Statement




Please click on the blue hyperlinks below for Latest Updates, General Information, Preparation & Prevention, Isolation & Quarantine Measures, Travel, Mental Health & Emotional Support and Schools.



CDC Coronavirus Information

Mass Dept. of Public Health Coronavirus Updates

CDC Coronavirus Fact Sheet

CDC Coronavirus FAQ

World Health Organization FAQ

211 Helpline-COVID-19 Information and Resources or dial 211.



Cleaning Supplies/ Coronavirus Disinfection  

CDC Resources for Home


CDC Guidelines to those remanded to at home Isolation

CDC Guidelines to those remanded to at home Quarantine

Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health: Tips for Social Distancing, Quarantine and Isolation

Grocery and Prescription Delivery


Coronavirus CDC Travel Information

Sudbury Travel Announcement – 3/4/2020



Board of Health Social Work Resource Guide


Sudbury Public Schools

Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School






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