Sudbury Heritage Landscape Inventory Report 2007

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has partnered with Freedom’s Way Heritage Association (FWHA) to conduct a Heritage Landscape Inventory program in Sudbury.

Heritage landscapes are special places created by human interaction with the natural environment that help define the character of our community and reflect its past. In order to identify heritage landscapes in Sudbury, the town hosted a public meeting in June of 2006 to solicit input. A total of 86 landscapes were identified by the community. Of those identified, eight were listed as priority heritage landscapes for their significance and contribution to community character and potential for loss of integrity. Preservation of agricultural lands, scenic roads and stone walls, and making sound land use decisions, were identified by the community as being of concern.

The Heritage Landscape Report 2007 is available to view and download, as well as a map of the Heritage Landscape Inventory Program: Open Space and Historical Resources. A hard copy of the report is also on file at the Goodnow Library reference desk.

This report will be used for future planning and preservation efforts, particularly using CPA funds and to apply for future grant applications. The next step in this process is the launching of a photography contest in conjunction with the Conservation Commission. We will be asking the community to identify places that make the town of Sudbury unique and special. What are the special places and spaces that define the character of our community? The contest will kick off with the commencement of Town Meeting on April 4th.

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