New Land Acquisition Review Committee (LARC) formed to review land purchases by the Town

Published August 13, 2009 | Planning & Community Development | Automatically Archived on 10/21/2009

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The Land Acquisition Review Committee (LARC) is a new committee formed by the Board of Selectmen to implement the land purchase/land preservation recommendations contained in the recently completed 2009-2013 Open Space and Recreation Plan.  The LARC’s mission is to assist the Selectmen in prioritizing the limited funds available for land purchases by reviewing properties as they become available based on the criteria set forth in the Open Space and Recreation Plan.  All interested residents are urged to submit Volunteer Form application. Two seats on the committee will be reserved for a Conservation Commission member and a Planning Board member, or their representative. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. All members require appointment by the Selectmen. The Land Acquisition Review Committee Mission Statement can be reviewed here.

For more information on the LARC, contact Jody Kablack, Director of Planning and Community Development, at, or by phone at (978)639-3387.