Town Issues RFQ for Stormwater Review Services

Published March 8, 2012 | Planning & Community Development | Automatically Archived on 4/10/2012

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Request For Qualifications 


March 9, 2012

The Town of Sudbury, through its Town Manager, seeks the services of an engineering consultant(s), consulting firm or firms, with specialized discipline in stormwater management to assist the Town in any aspect of stormwater management assessment, engineering review or design, including but not limited to review of development proposals by private developers, review and/or design of development proposals by the Town, design and/or review of Town or State roadway, rail trail or other construction projects which require design or approval of stormwater management systems and compliance with the EPA Phase 2 MS4 Permit.  Duties under contract by the Town may include review of projects for compliance with the Town of Sudbury Stormwater Management Bylaw/Regulations and DEP Stormwater Regulations, review of the Town of Sudbury Stormwater Management Bylaw/Regulations for consistency with the state regulations and amendments thereto, assistance with writing bylaws in conjunction with stormwater management or other DEP requirements and compliance with the Town’s requirements under the EPA Phase 2 MS4 Permit.

Qualifications must include extensive experience in designing, reviewing and permitting stormwater projects with the Mass. Department of Environmental Protection; experience working for Massachusetts municipalities which have adopted local stormwater management bylaws; staff certified registered professional engineers with specializations/affiliations in stormwater management and wetland protection. No less than 2 references must be submitted.

Night meetings may be required. The successful consultant will provide guidance to all Town Boards under the supervision of the Director of Public Works and the Planning and Community Development Director.

The consultant will be paid on an hourly basis for services rendered, consisting of on-site inspections, plan review, report writing, and meeting attendance.   Any services required to be performed by the consultant will be detailed in writing and must be mutually agreed upon by the consultant and the Town. 

To review the criteria of the RFQ Stormwater Management Services, click this link.

All proposals are due by Monday, April 9, 2012 at 2:00 p.m.  Email submissions are encouraged.

Respond to:

Director of Planning and Community Development, Jody Kablack
Flynn Building
278 Old Sudbury Road
Sudbury, MA  01776

Email:             [email protected]

Phone:             (978)639-3387