Avalon Sudbury 40B Comprehensive Permit Application

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The Town of Sudbury Zoning Board of Appeals has received an application for a Comprehensive Permit proposed by Sudbury Avalon, Inc. on a 17.4 acre portion of the Raytheon property at 526 and 528 Boston Post Road.  The proposal is for the construction of 250 rental units, a clubhouse and associated infrastructure. Access is proposed from a new road on Route 20, situated directly across from the westernmost Shaw’s Plaza driveway, which will service the Avalon Sudbury development as well as all the components of the redevelopment plan. The project will contain 163 units of market rate housing, and 87 units of housing affordable to households making 80% of the area median income.

Site plans and building elevations have been submitted with the application.

The Planning and Community Development office has a binder with the application and supporting documentation for public review. The Avalon Sudbury Application can be accessed here. The Avalon Sudbury Site Plans can be accessed here. The Avalon Sudbury Architectural Plans can be accessed here.

Below are some of the documents pertaining to the Avalon Sudbury 40B application but it is by no means an exhaustive list. Please contact the Planning Department to obtain copies of documents you do not see listed below.

Click here for the 40B Planning Guide from Mass Department of Housing & Economic Development

Click here for Sudbury 40B Evaluation Process & Standards

Additional materials received on this application include:

Staff Comments

VHB_Karen Staffier_Stormwater Memo_3.4.16

Fiscal Impact Analysis Meadow Walk Sudbury Avalon Sudbury 03-2016

ConsultEcon Peer Review of Fiscal Impact Analysis

Traffic Peer Review Comments

Avalon Grading, Drainage and Erosion Control Plan 5.23.16

Avalon Storm Management Report by VHB 5.25.16

Sudbury Housing Trust Comments to Board of Appeals

VHB Avalon Sudbury Site and Traffic Engineering Review Comments 6.6.16

Vanasse and Associates Avalon Sudbury Supplemental Traffic Review 06.10.16

Water Impact Study dated March 2016

Sudbury Water District comments dated May 9, 2016

VHB comments to Sudbury Water District dated June 6, 2016

GeoInsight Peer Review comments on Environmental Review, dated June 8, 2016

Board of Health comments dated May 18, 2016

Design Review Board minutes dated May 11, 2016

Stormwater Peer Review comments from Horsley & Witten Group dated June 6, 2016

VHB memo, response to Stormwater Peer Review, dated June 20, 2016

Developer response to Bd of Health comments dated June 21, 2016

DPW comments on dated June 20, 2016

Avalon Sudbury Architectural Drawing Changes June 22, 2016

Avalon Sudbury Comprehensive Permit Site Plan Revisions June 23, 2016

Vanasse Sudbury Supplemental Traffic Peer Review June 23, 2016

Horsley Witten Stormwater Second Peer Review June 27, 16

Please direct questions on this proposal to the Planning and Community Development Department, pcd@sudbury.ma.us or 978-639-3387.

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