Sudbury on Track for MVP Status to Mitigate Effects of Climate Change


On May 29, 2018 Secretary Beaton of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs announced that Sudbury is one of 82 municipalities to receive a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program Planning Grant Award. The initiative is geared toward giving municipalities the resources needed to improve resilience in handling issues such as this past winter’s Nor’easters. Sudbury will receive $33,000 to hire a consultant and participate in a community-based workshop process to identify key climate-related hazards, vulnerabilities and strengths, develop adaptation actions, and prioritize next steps. Results of the workshops and planning efforts will be used to inform local policies and plans, such as the updates to the master plan and hazard mitigation plan.  Upon successful development of the plan, Sudbury will be designated as a MVP Program community, which makes the Town eligible for the a MVP Action Grant in the future.


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