Master Plan Steering Committee Seeking Members

Published October 10, 2018 | Planning & Community Development | Automatically Archived on 10/30/2018

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Be a part of the Master Plan Steering Committee!

In the fall of 2016, the Board of Selectmen designated updating the Master Plan as a priority for 2017. The development of a new Master Plan will be used as a guide for the Town of Sudbury in the areas of land use, economic development, housing, transportation, community services, and capital/facilities planning among others.

Nearly two decades old, the 2001 Sustainable Sudbury Master Plan sought to provide recommendations and an implementation plan for addressing the impacts of residential growth including identifying strategies for land use, economic development, natural and cultural resources, housing, transportation, and community services and facilities. In the sixteen years since, Sudbury has flourished in population growth and land use. The updated Master Plan will reflect, among other things, changes to the Zoning Code, current projects, new environmental and other regulatory constraints, and plan for appropriate land uses to support the long and short-term needs of the community as it continues to grow as a suburban destination.

However, there are challenges confronting the Town of Sudbury planning. These challenges include:

  • Identifying areas for Inclusionary Zoning and other Affordable Housing measures
  • Evaluating the need for Public Transportation
  • Revisiting sewer lines along commercially zoned districts
  • Identifying opportunities for improved connectivity with neighboring communities
  • Examining places for public use spaces and amenities
  • Identifying sustainable environmental measures
  • Analyzing the impact of new residential development on the public schools
  • Evaluating infrastructure needs for the area
  • Strategizing economic development measures to entice businesses to town, while maintaining its rural feel

Click below to apply for membership on the Master Plan Steering Committee: CHARGE:

The Master Plan Steering Committee (Committee) advises on the development of the Master Plan document. The Committee also fosters openness and inclusion in the master planning process through dialogue and communication with the consulting team of Horsley Witten and various stakeholders in the Sudbury Community.


The Master Plan will develop a physical document for the Town of Sudbury that optimally reflects and supports the Community’s priorities and goals.


The Master Plan Steering Committee is comprised of designated Sudbury Board and Committee members, and several at-large community members. The Committee is guided and led by the Planning Board, Horsley Whitten, the Master Plan Consultants, and the Office of Planning and Community Development. Membership will be in existence for approximately 18 months to two years in order to direct the preparation of the Master Plan.

Final approval of the Master Plan will be subject to the Planning Board upon completion of the document by the consulting team.


The Committee will meet monthly at an agreed upon time at an initial kick-off meeting. Meetings will be open to the public and posted with the Town Clerk and in designated spaces.

In addition to monthly meetings, Committee members will be asked to serve on sub-committees, which will schedule their own meetings and post them with the Office of Planning and Community Development.

The Committee must attend community-wide meetings, which will be scheduled at the kick-off meeting.

To apply for membership on the Master Plan Steering Committee, please complete the application and return to the Office of Planning & Community Development by October 29, 2018.