Sudbury Town Offices Reopening to the Public on July 6, 2021

Published May 18, 2021 | Select Board's Office | Updated May 25, 2021 | Automatically Archived on 7/10/2021

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With the number of positive COVID-19 cases decreasing and vaccination numbers increasing, we are pleased to announce the planned public reopening of Sudbury Town Offices. While offices have been accessible via phone and email throughout the pandemic, members of the public will be able to re-enter Town offices starting on June 14. The staggered reopening process began with in-office staffing for all departments on May 17. From June 14 through July 2, public access will be available by appointment only. Full public access will begin on Tuesday, July 6. The planned re-opening will be conducted in accordance with State and Federal guidelines, and is subject to change if needed. Many Departments have maintained in-person staffing throughout the pandemic, and we anticipate a smooth reopening transition for all Town offices.

During all phases of reopening, Town employees and members of the public coming into Town offices must wear a well-fitted face covering and practice social distancing. Starting June 14, 2021, appointments with members of the public, lasting 12 minutes or less, may be scheduled to take place in meeting rooms or open areas. Starting on July 6, visitors will be able to enter offices during regular hours of operation. Employees will continue to comply with health and safety protocols, such as sign-in logs and sanitizing of common areas, until further notice. Residents preferring to conduct Town business on-line, may visit Virtual Town Hall on the Town’s website for more information.

Please note, Town Offices in the Town Hall and the Flynn Building will be closed on Fridays starting the week of July 12 and ending on Friday, August 27, 2021, with the exception of the IT department and the Select Board’s office. Departments such as the Goodnow Library and Park and Recreation have varying schedules to accommodate their programming. For details on a department’s schedules, please visit their page on the Town website.