Eversource Energy Supply Price Increase for Basic Service

Published December 5, 2022 | Select Board's Office | Updated December 13, 2022 | Automatically Archived on 3/1/2023

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Message from Eversource:


We know everyone is coping with increasing prices, including rising energy bills. We recognize our role in keeping bills as low as possible, especially as energy prices surge. As you know, on Jan. 1 an unprecedented increase to the energy supply portion of the bill will take effect for customers that receive Eversource’s Basic Service. This dramatic rise in the cost of energy is primarily due to record-high natural gas prices, which is often used to generate electricity in our region.  


To help our customers mitigate the financial impacts of rising energy costs, we are proactively reaching out to approximately 729 customers in Sudbury who may benefit from switching to another energy supplier or your town’s aggregation. In addition to encouraging them to compare supplier rates, the letter and email communication also provides information on energy efficiency programs and financial assistance.


We have developed an online resource for customers to access all the programs and options to manage their winter energy bill at Eversource.com/winter-bill. This includes direct links to compare supplier rates, review financial assistance programs, Budget Billing, energy efficiency resources, and more. 


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