Broadacres Farm Acquisition

Broadacres Farm -82 MORSE ROAD- is a 34-acre horse farm and a key opportunity for open space and recreation use adjacent to existing Town-owned properties. The Town of Sudbury has negotiated the option to purchase the property.

On October 15, 2018, Special Town Meeting voted IN FAVOR of the acquisition.

On November 6, 2018, Acquisition of Broadacres was Ballot Question 5 of the November 2018 State Election. It PASSED by a vote of 6014 Yes to 3069 No at the election.


What is this Property?

Broadacres Farm is an active 34-acre horse farm with stables, pasture, indoor arena, and riding fields located on both sides of scenic Morse Road.















Information on the property and its priority status for open space and recreation are found in the presentation made by the Town Manager at the October 15th Special Town Meeting.


Why Should we Purchase it?









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The property has abundant natural and cultural resources, is connected to other Town-owned properties, and offers potential for recreational use. It is a priority for protection identified in the 2009-2015 Open Space and Recreation Plan and the Heritage Landscape Inventory of 2006.

Broadacres Farm abuts the following properties of interest:

  • Wake Robin Woods Conservation Land, which currently has no public access;
  • Featherland Park, a key recreational area in town; and
  • The proposed Bruce Freeman Rail Trail (owned by the MassDOT Rail Division).


How do we Purchase it?










The Town has reached an agreement with the property owner. Per the agreement, Sudbury voters authorize the purchase of Broadacres through both a Town Meeting and Election vote.

On October 15, 2018, Town Meeting voted in favor of the acquisition.

On November 6, 2018, State Election QUESTION 5 is 82 MORSE ROAD: Broadacres Farm.


A “yes” vote on this question will authorize the Town to increase taxes at a future date for a period of time in order to pay for the acquisition; and a “no” vote will mean the acquisition cannot go forward.

The acquisition will occur in phases with Parcel 1 to be acquired immediately after funding is secured at the election. Parcels 2 and 3 will be purchased at a later date that will be triggered by the homeowner, the estate, or the passing of 10 years. It is anticipated that Parcel 1 will be used for open space and recreation purposes; parcel 3 will be used for a potential combination of open space, recreation, and general municipal uses; Parcel 3 will be used for open space, conservation, and passive recreation uses. 


What is the cost?

The Town has agreed to purchase the three parcels on 82 Morse Road for a total of $5.5 million dollars.

The purchase will occur in phases, rather than all at once.

The Community Preservation Committee and the Special Town Meeting voted to fund Phase 1 of the purchase, committing nearly $2 million in CPA funds, thus reducing the amount to be borrowed in the future to approximately $3.5 million. The rest of the funding to be borrowed will be secured with the ballot question #5 on November 6th.

The estimated impact of increasing future fiscal year’s taxes to pay for the estimated debt issuance of $3,660,000 is estimated at $53 for year 1 and decreasing annually to approximately $30 in year 20 for the “average” home value of $726,960. The taxes will not be initiated until the later phases of the project acquisition transpire (within 10 years). Project funding and acquisition will only advance if the ballot question passes at the November 6th election.























Learn More 

Click below to view the listed document.

Purchase & Sale Agreement for Broadacres Farm – October 15, 2018

November 6 State Election – Broadacres Info Flier

November 6 State Election – Information for Voters

Town of Sudbury Reaches Agreement of Broadacres Farm

October 15 Special Town Meeting – Broadacres Info Flier

Broadacres Property Appraisal


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