2021 Employee & Supervisor of the Year

Watch Municipal Minute: 2021 Employee of the Year 12/29/21


2021 Employee of the Year

Brian Powell, Technical Support Specialist

Hired September 11, 2000 (21+ years of service)

Brian continues to rise to the top as an outstanding employee. His peers truly appreciate the time and effort he gives to all of us each day. Brian handles all of the IT Department’s day-to-day dilemmas that come his way, both openly and in the background, to keep things running smoothly. He always follows-up when he has assisted employees with any issues.

During the pandemic, Brian had to take on so much more with virtual meetings, laptop preparation, electronic signatures, etc. Brian continues to do a terrific job making these difficult times more manageable and productive for all. He works well with others and instills confidence and comfort in those who come to him for information. He works tirelessly to ensure that no disruptions in departmental operations take place. The support and help that Brian provides to all of us is invaluable and the effort he puts in around the office doesn’t go unnoticed. Brian’s work over the course of the year has allowed all town departments to continue to operate and excel, and provide a high-quality level of service for all of us. Brian’s ability to work with others is truly a gift.

This is Brian’s second recognition as Employee of the Year. The first was in 2009.


2021 Supervisor of the Year

Debra Galloway, Senior Center Director

Hired July 1, 2005 (16+ years of service)

Debra was promoted to Council on Aging Director in December of 2010.  Prior to that she was the Information Referral Specialist. 

The success of the Senior Center rests with Debra, who has worked endlessly to consistently enable all Seniors in Town to feel supported and cared for by the myriad of services and programs offered.

The senior population is still especially vulnerable due to the pandemic, further fueling Debra’s never-ending quest to have the Senior Center offer comprehensive services, programs, and activities that enable Seniors to live safely within their residence, and feel connected to the community.  The Activity Calendars of the Senior Center have been robust.  Classes are offered in-person, hybrid or on Zoom, catering to the needs and varying comfort levels of our seniors.  Her collaborative work with SudburyTV has allowed our homebound seniors a chance to see programming, get important information, and to stay connected.

Debra has worked intensely for months as part of the Town’s Transportation Committee to bring to fruition a grant-funded taxi program that now provides transportation services for seniors, military, those with financial hardships, and those with disabilities.  The creation of the subsidized “Go Sudbury” Uber Rides has been a wonderful addition to the transportation options.  These two options, coupled with the Sudbury connection Van service, have been life-changing for those served. 

She has always created a supportive environment for her staff, making each person feel valued and respected.  She is kind, approachable, and brings a standard of excellence to the Senior Center which also encourages others to do their best.  Debra’s warmth and compassion for each person is palpable.  She is a true collaborator and role-model to all.


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