How is a dog license obtained?

Published August 1, 2021 | Town Clerk | Updated January 3, 2024

How is a dog license obtained?


Every year beginning January 1, all dog owners in Sudbury must obtain a license for their dog (s) by the end of March. You may get a license at the office of the Town Clerk in Town Hall. To obtain a license, you must present evidence of a current rabies vaccination. The fee for a dog license in Sudbury is $15.00 for a spayed or neutered dog, $20.00 otherwise. All owners or keepers of dogs kept in the Town of Sudbury during the preceding six (6) months and who, on the first day of April of each year, have not licensed said dog(s), as prescribed by Section 137, Chapter 140 of the General Laws, shall be subject to a penalty of $25.00 payable to the Town, in addition to the license fee, for each dog so unlicensed.  An additional penalty of $50.00 may be due if not paid by June 1st.

You can print out an application or renew On-line below. In addition every resident is mailed a renewal application with the annual census.  


2024 Dog license renewal application

CONTROL OF DOGS – All dogs in the Town of Sudbury shall be restrained. A dog shall be deemed to be under restraint if it is on the premises of the owner accompanied by a person who shall have the dog under control, or is in a suitably enclosed area including an effective electric invisible fence, or is tied, or if outside the premises of the owner, is accompanied by a person who shall have the dog under control by holding it firmly on a leash no greater than six (6) feet in length. The owner or keeper of a dog who violates this bylaw shall be fined $50.00.

DOG WASTE DISPOSAL-Each person who owns, possesses or controls a dog walking in any area within the Town other than their own private property is responsible for the removal and disposal of any feces left by the dog. Persons walking dogs must carry with them a device designed to dispose of dog feces.
Such devices include but are not limited to plastic bags or “pooper-scoopers.” Exempt from the requirements of this bylaw are assistance dogs in the service of their handlers. The owner or keeper of a dog that violates this section shall be subject to a penalty as set forth in Section 3-24(B) of this bylaw.

RABIES VACCINATION – For a list of rabies clinics in Massachusetts, open to the public, please visit the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources Rabies Clinics page at: :

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