Sudbury League of Women Voters Publishes Permitting Guide

The Sudbury League of Women Voters has published a booklet describing the various permitting processes required by the town, for anything from a new residential subdivision to a do-it-yourself home renovation or a septic system upgrading.

During the past three years the Sudbury League has written a series of columns for the Town Crier about the way Sudbury’s town government works. That effort demonstrated the complexities of doing business in Sudbury and the need for such information to be gathered in one place. For a commercial project, as many as five permits may be required from as many different boards and commissions.

The Sudbury League took on this task, seeing it as part of the League of Women Voters’ mission to encourage an informed citizenry. The booklet is available in the office of the permit-granting authorities and the Town Clerk or Click here to download an Adobe Acrobat version of the Sudbury League of Woman Voters Permitting Processes Booklet.