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Each year we receive numerous requests for walkway construction on roads all over town, however there is much that goes into planning for a walkway construction project other than just resident desire and need. Environmental considerations and the width of the town right of way must be taken into account, with the end result that not all streets will be capable of having walkways. These obstacles are further defined in the 2000 Walkway Report. However, with citizen participation and neighbors working together for a common goal, we may be able to overcome some obstacles and build more walkways.

Walkways complying with the following procedures will be entitled to priority status, based on funding availability. The process going forward will be as follows:

  1. Talk to the Director of Public Works, Bill Place, in order to get some basic information regarding the walkway (978-443-2209, ext. 1389) – Is the requested walkway on the 2000 Walkway Report list? What side of the street is most appropriate? Will easements be necessary? Are there major wetland constraints? What is the length of the walkway segment? What is the estimated cost?
  2. Submit a petition to the Planning and Community Development Department requesting walkway construction. The petition shall include the signature of as many affected property owners as possible (those property owners on the side of the street proposed for the walkway), but in no case shall it be less than 75%.
  3. The petition shall include the name and contact information (email address required) for a neighborhood coordinator. No petition shall be accepted without a designated neighborhood coordinator.
  4. The DPW Director, Planning Director and Police Safety Officer will review the requests for inclusion of all the required elements.
  5. Requests will be prioritized based on available funding, safety need, linkage to other walkways, serving an under-served neighborhood and other factors described in the 2000 Walkway Report.
  6. Requests will be accepted on an on-going basis. Walkway construction is dependent on funding availability. The majority of walkway funding is subject to the approval of town meeting.

For more information see the following links:

Walkway Committee Report, Feb. 2000

Walkway Planning Priorities

or, call the Planning and Community Development Department at 978-639-3387.