Village at Sudbury Station 40B Comprehensive Permit Application

UPDATE 8/16/21: The Town Center land acquired in the Melone Property Sale and Land Exchange is open to the public. Please see map below. The property consists of over 40 acres and is located off of Concord Road, behind the town cemetery.


UPDATE 3/15/2021: Sudbury Melone Property Sale and Town Center Land Exchange Finalized. Quarry North’s Cold Brook Crossing to be located at 16 & 36 North Road in Sudbury. Click hyperlink above for details.


UPDATE 1/27/2021: The Select Board has taken actions to close on all related transactions in early March of 2021.


UPDATE 5/22/2019: The appeal before HAC has been stayed pending permitting of the Quarry North project. The land on which the housing development was proposed will become town-owned property as part of the Quarry North development agreement.


The Town of Sudbury Zoning Board of Appeals has received an application for a Comprehensive Permit proposed by Chris Claussen/Sudbury Station LLC on a 39.87 acre parcel of land off Concord Road behind the town cemetery. The proposal is for the construction of 250 rental units, a clubhouse and associated infrastructure. Access is from Concord Road at Peter’s Way, the driveway entrance to the cemetery near the intersection with Candy Hill Road. A secondary access is also proposed at 30 Hudson Road. The project will contain 187 units of market rate housing, and 63 units of housing affordable to households making 80% of the area median income.

The Planning and Community Development office has a binder with the application and supporting documentation for public review. The Village at Sudbury Station Application can be accessed here. The Village at Sudbury Station Site Plan can be accessed here. The Village at Sudbury Station Architectural Plans can be accessed here. The Village at Sudbury Station Traffic Study can be accessed here.

The Zoning Board has tentatively scheduled public hearings on this application for March 21, April 25, May 23, June 20, July 25 and August 17, 2016. Check the ZBA web area to confirm dates and times for the hearings.   

Below are some of the documents pertaining to the Sudbury Station application, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. Please contact the Planning Department to obtain copies of documents you do not see listed below.

Transportation Impact Assessment (September 2018)

Press release regarding the Board of Selectmen’s legal complaint in Land Court to enforce restrictions on a parcel of land that a developer seeks to use for access to the Village at Sudbury Station. Board of Selectmen’s filing, 12/08/2016.

Click here for Newspaper Article “Sudbury Board Drafts Letter Opposing 40B Project” (11/3/2015 Metrowest Daily News): 

Click here for Sudbury 40B Evaluation Process & Standards

Click here for the 40B Planning Guide from Mass Department of Housing & Economic Development

Click here for the 2016 STM Petition Article, Sudbury Station Legal Fees

Click here for the Sudbury Conservation Commission Order of Resource Area Determination 8.25.2015

Click here for the No Take Determination issued by the Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program 10.29.2015

Click here for the Sudbury Station Architectural Plans, April 18 2016.

Click here for the Sudbury Station Visual Analysis, April 2016.

Click here for the Negative Superseding Determination of Applicability from MassDEP 4.20.16

Click here for the Fiscal Impact Analysis Village at Sudbury Station_4.20.16.

Click here for the Memo from William Henchy to ZBA RE Conservation Comm-BOS-HDC Comments 4.20.16.

Click here for the Memo from David Hornstein_3.23.16 & Grading and excavation-Layout_4.21.16.

Click here for the Sudbury Station Preliminary Site Plans 4.22.2016.

Click here for Barbara Saint Andre Response Memorandum 4.25.16. 

Click here for Fiscal Impact Analysis Village at Sudbury Station.

Click here for Frank Riepe’s Comments_5.17.16

Click here  for Provencher Engineering LLC Wastewater report 5.18.16

Click here for Board of Health Review of Sudbury Station Project_5.18.16

Click here for CUBE3_3-D Perspectives of 3-Story, 4 Story and Townhouse Conceptual Elevations_5.19.16

Click here for CUBE3_Architecture and Exterior Materials Narrative, LEED and Environmental Narrative and Exterior Light Example.5.19.16

Click here for 3-D Model Screenshots fromThe Cecil Group_5.19.16

Click here for Sudbury Station Additional Counsel Press Release_5.19.16

Click here for Sudbury Water District Letter – Water Connection Requirement _5.20.16

Click here for Sudbury Historic District Commission letter to ZBA_6.7.16

 Click here for Supplemental Transportation Responses Memorandum from MDM Transportation Consultants_6.10.16 

Click here for Construction Management Plan Village and Logistics_Sudbury Station_ 6.13.16

Click here for Vanasse & Associates Traffic Engineering Peer Review for Sudbury Station Supplemental Traffic Review_6.14.16

Click here for Village at Sudbury Station Historic Property Effects Assessment Report_6.16.16

Click here for Revised Preliminary Site Plan & Existing, Proposed and Off-Site Drainage Areas_6.10.16

Click here for MDM Transportation Consultants Second Response to Peer Review Comments_6.16.16

Click here for Stormwater Management Cover Letter_6.13.16

Click here for Sullivan Connors Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis_6.10.16

Click here for Sullivan Connors Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis_Revised 7.14.16

Click here for Davis Square Architectural Peer Review Report_6-18-16

Click here for Vanasse Supplemental Traffic Peer Review_6.20.16

Click here for memo from Jody Kablack, Director of Planning and Community Development dated June 20, 2016

Click here for Hancock Associates Stormwater Peer Review_6.29.16

Click here for memo from Police Chief Nix and Fire Chief Miles_6.30.16

Click here for 527 CMR National Fire Prevention Association-1 Roadways (Fire Department Access)

Click here for Peter’s Way at Concord Road Traffic – Peer Reviewer Suggestions 7.8.16

Click here for Soil Evaluation Ti Sales Field_7.13.16

Click here for Response to Peer Review – Stormwater Management Plan 7.14.16

Click here for Water Impact Report 7.15.16

Click here for Signage and Lighting Plans 7.18.16

Click here for Submitted by the applicant – Pro-Forma Sudbury Station_7.5.16

Click here for Sullivan, Connors Revised Site Plans_7.14.16

Click here for Pro Forma Review Analysis 7.19.16

Click here for 2016-07-21 0820 Stormwater Management Plan Hancock Associates 2nd Peer Review_7.21.16

Click here for Sullivan, Connors Prelimary Plan Access Drive 7.20.16

Click here for MDM Transportations Driveway Design Options_7.21.16

Click here for Vanasse and Associates Supplemental Traffic Peer Review_7.25.16

Click here for Traffic Safety Analysis by Oppose Sudbury Station_7.25.16

Click here for Water Impact Report -District comments_7.22.16

Click here for Horsley Witten Groundwater Levels Peer Review_7.25.16

Click here for Memo from Mr. Henchy to ZBA – Ref. Horsley & Witten review_7.25.16

Click here for List of Waivers Requested as Modified_7.21.16

Click here for Building Setback Summary_7.21.16

Click here for Sullivan, Connors_Retaining Wall Memo _Redi-Rock Typical Details_7.25.16

Click here for Letter from Jonathan Silverstein_7.25.16

Click here for Oppose Sudbury Station_Letter_7.25.16

Planning Board Comments on Sudbury Station_7.5.16

Cecil Group Memo on Peer Review Letter_8.4.16

CUBE3 Sudbury Station Peer Review Response_8.5.16

Sudbury Water District Comments_8.11.16

KP Law J. Silverstein memo_8.12.16

Ti Sales Letter to ZBA_8.16.16

Applicant Response to Sudbury Water District Comments_8.16.16

Letter from William Henchy to Jason Talerman with Sullivan Connors attachment_8.17.16

Preliminary Site Plans 7-14-2016

David Hornstein’s Letter on Peter’s Way left turn_8.17.16

Sudbury Station_Decision_9.20.16

Town of Sudbury – Land Court Complaint – Sudbury Station 2012Dec08

Please direct questions on this proposal to the Planning and Community Development Department, or 978-639-3387.