Rain Barrel Program offered in Sudbury

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Pickup of Rain Barrels
Saturday, May 4
DPW Building
275 Old Lancaster Rd, Sudbury

Are you interested in saving money, while watering your garden and protecting the environment and our drainage systems? The Town of Sudbury is collaborating with the Great American Rain Barrel Company (TGARB) to enable residents to purchase rain barrels to capture rainwater for lawn and garden use. Capturing roof runoff via gutters and rain barrels helps reduce stormwater runoff and conserves water.

Through this program, rain barrels are available at a discounted price of approximately $70 each. Optional accessories, such as a downspout diverter, and a variety of color options are also available. Interested residents may order the rain barrels directly from the TGARB website and then pick the rain barrels up at the designated Sudbury distribution day of May 4, 2019 at the DPW Building at 275 Old Lancaster Road. Orders must be submitted by Sunday, April 28th.

If you would like to see a rain barrel first hand, they are on display at the DPW Office (275 Old Lancaster Road), Flynn Building (278 Old Sudbury Road), and the Goodnow Library (21 Concord Road) during the order period.

For more information or to order, please visit the following webpage and select Community Programs and Massachusetts. http://www.tgarb.com.


Sudbury is encouraging residents to harvest and save rainwater by offering

40% off the retail of a price Great American Rain Barrel.


  • Save approximately $200 in annual water bills with a 60-gallon rain barrel.
  • Help stressed trees and gardens during dry spells. In 2016, 48% of towns in MA had water bans.
  • Rainwater has no chemicals, chlorine or fluoride – great for plants and lawn.
  • One rain barrel can pay for itself in one season.
  • You can help towns manage water supplies and storm water runoff.


  • 100% re-purposed rain barrels produced in Massachusetts.
  • Most durable rain barrels on the market: 3/16” wall thickness.
  • Last for years when properly drained & stored for winter.
  • Screen filtered to keep mosquitoes out.
  • Several rain barrels can be linked together — easy 5-minute setup
  • Available Colors: Forest Green, Earth Brown, and Nantucket Grey. Also available unpainted.

Discount Price for Town Residents: $ 69 price   40 % Off Retail

How to Order: www.greatamericanrainbarrel.com/community/  

and select your town or call (800)251-2352

Pick-Up: Saturday, May 4th, 2019 9:00-11:00am Sudbury DPW 275 Old Lancaster Road, Sudbury, MA

Deadline: April 28th, Midnight

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