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In early 2019, a potential developer of the Stone Farm property, located at 554 Boston Post Road (Assessor’s Map K06-0602), filed a number of permit applications with the Town of Sudbury seeking to obtain approval to construct an approximately 100,000 square foot self-storage facility on the property. The first of these applications were those seeking Variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals to allow the particular self-storage facility use on the lot. Due to an oversight of the mandatory 100-day timeline in which the Zoning Board of Appeals was required to take action on these Variance applications during the public hearing process, the developer was able to file for Constructive Approval of their applications. When this filing occurred, the Town of Sudbury filed an appeal against this action. The matter is still currently ongoing and pending in the court system.


Legal Documents

Below are public documents related to the Stone Farm litigation proceedings. Please click on the hyperlink title to access the document.

Notice of Constructive Approval

Notice of Constructive Approval – Certificate of Service and Mailing

Notice of Constructive Approval – Appeal

Notice of Constructive Approval – Request for 20 Day Letter

Notice of Case Management Conference

Tracking Order Designation

Affidavit of Compliance


Approved Permits

Subsequent to the developer completing the process with the Zoning Board of Appeals, the developer filed three applications with the Planning Board for Site Plan Review, a Stormwater Management Permit, and a Water Resource Protection Overlay District Special Permit for the proposed self-storage facility. In September 2019, the developer received approval for each of these items. The decisions and approved plans for these permits are as follows:

Site Plan Review Decision

Water Resource Protection Overlay District Special Permit Decision

Stormwater Management Permit Decision

Site Plans


Street View 3D

Bird’s Eye View 3D

Store Tavern Floor Plans

Landscape Plan

Planting List

Photometric Plan

PAL Scope of Services Cost Proposal

Facade and Roof Materials Details

Overhead Door Cut Sheets



Additionally, in order to move forward with the proposed project, the developer filed for Demolition Permits with the Building Department for the existing Stone Tavern building (a partial demolition) and the Stone Farm barn (a full demolition). Due to the age of these buildings, they were subject to review by the Historical Commission, who found them to be historically significant and preferably preserved buildings. As such, the Historical Commission implemented a 6-month delay on the Demolition Permits for each of these buildings in September of 2019. Over the next six months, the Historical Commission will be attempting to work with the developer to see if an alternative solution to demolition of these buildings can be reached. The Demolition Determinations and Reports for each of these buildings are as follows:

Stone Tavern – Demolition Plan Report

Stone Farm Barn – Demolition Plan Report


For questions regarding any of the above matters, please contact the Planning and Community Development Department at 978-639-3387 or [email protected].



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