Walkway Construction Projects

Published August 13, 2009 | Planning Board | Automatically Archived on 1/1/2014

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There are currently 6 petitions for consideration for walkway construction on the priority list: 

  1. Nobscot Road (under construction currently)
  2. Peakham Road (#118 to Robert Best Road)
  3. North Road
  4. Powder Mill Road
  5. Dutton Road
  6. Marlboro Road

Each walkway will be reviewed based on a matrix of objectives developed by the 2000 Report of the Walkway Committee. Other factors for determining priorities will include the ability to construct the walkway within the town right-of-way, or within previously granted easements, and the costs.  The Walkway Planning Priorities contains all criteria used in making the recommendations.

Additional funds will be needed to continue walkway construction after 2009 funds are expended. Future funding requests will be submitted at the 2010 Annual Town Meeting to continue the program