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Resources for Fathers

  • Children’s Rights Council (CRC) – Resources and services on shared parenting (custody and access); prevention of abuse and neglect of children; laws and legislative initiatives; court processes and alternative dispute resolutions; parenting tools and education; and many other issues.
  • National Parents Organization 617-431-8019 Protecting every child’s right to the love & care of both parents after separation or divorce through research, public awareness and family court reform.
  • Dads Divorce – Dedicated to educating fathers on the issues of divorce, child custody, and child support. The website provides great tools, like a child support calculator or list of state divorce laws
  • The Fathers Rights Movement 866-366-8376 A collective of passionate members who empower fathers to stand up for their rights and educate the public and family court system about the importance of fathers in society.
  • Fathers Help Network A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Fathers rights and helping Fathers through difficult child custody issues, including forums, legal support, therapy, and other services.
  • Fathers for Equal Rights 214-953-2233 A national resource for fathers in support of equal rights. There are office services, online courses, and additional benefits for members. Fathers can learn how to establish paternity, determine visitation rights, and represent themselves in court.
  • Fatherhood 877-432-3411 A government sponsored program providing mental health resources for fathers.


Resources for Children with Special Needs

  • Federation for Children with Special Needs – individual assistance, training, and leadership development and support from birth to adulthood for families with children with disabilities
  • Family TIES – resources and peer support for parents with children with special needs, including Early Intervention programs and referrals
  • Special Needs Children and Teens – list of events around children and teens with special needs, including camps, recreational events, financial and legal help, assistive technology, and more


Other Resources