Requests for absentee ballots for the Annual Town Election on Monday, March 31st are now being accepted at the Town Clerk’s Office.

Published February 10, 2008 | Town Clerk | Automatically Archived on 2/10/2008

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Absentee ballots are available for the Sudbury Annual Town Election on Monday, March 31, 2008. Registered voters who will be out of town on election day or for reasons of health, transportation or business commitments, and wish to vote before may do so by coming to the Town Clerk’s office, Town Hall, 322 Concord Road, Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Voters who wish to vote ahead of time but are unable to come to the clerk’s office may mail or fax a signed letter of request for an absentee ballot and follow up with a hard copy. Each request must include the signature of the voter; their Sudbury voting address and the address to which the ballot should be sent, if different. A family member of any voter may apply for an absentee ballot on behalf of such voter.

Applications should be filed as early as possible as the ballot must be mailed out. An absentee voter or a family member of the voter may return the absentee ballot in person to the office of the Town Clerk or mail it back. The deadline for receiving applications for absentee ballots is 5 p.m., Friday, March 28, 2008.  Contact the Sudbury Town Clerk’s Office for further information. The phone number is 978-639-3351; the fax number is 978-443-0264.