Sudbury’s Changing Land: A Walking and Driving Tour

Published April 16, 2024 | Conservation Commission | Automatically Archived on 5/1/2024

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To celebrate Earth Day 2024, the Sudbury Conservation Commission and Sudbury Valley Trustees, in conjunction with the Sudbury’s Changing Landscape exhibit at the Sudbury Historic Society, are pleased to present Sudbury’s Changing Land: A Guide to 15,000 Years of Landscape Evolution. This is a walking and driving tour that brings you out into the land to witness what you have learned in the Sudbury Historical Society’s exhibit and accompanying Town of Sudbury Conservation Commission’s Sudbury’s Changing Land website.

This guide challenges you to take a more intimate look at the land beneath your feet to understand how the land dictated the development of Sudbury into the landscape you live in today, from the last ice age to current land management efforts being employed. Environmental, historical, and cultural information, as well as many more locations to explore, are available on the Sudbury’s Changing Land website. Like Sudbury, this is an evolving website, so please stop by often to learn more.

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