Bruce Freeman Rail Trail





This page contains permitting and construction information associated with the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail that has been filed with the Conservation Commission. Construction commenced on January 23, 2023.






   Resource Area Delineation

        Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation

        Order of Resource Area Delineation

        Sudbury BFRT ORAD Amendment Request

        MA DOT BFRT Peer Report

        Amended Order of Resource Area Delineation

   Notice of Intent

        Original Notice of Intent Submittal

        Revised Notice of Intent Submittal

        Order of Conditions  

        Approved Plan Set

   Chapter 91

        Determination of Applicability

Construction Documents

        Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

        Invasive Species Mitigation Plan and Mapping

Construction Schedule

        Proposed Construction Schedule

        February 8, 2023 Three Week Look Ahead

        March 13, 2023 Three Week Look Ahead


        General Wildlife Habitat Assessment Report – Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

        Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Report for Culvert 4

Construction Photos