Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Sudbury Information

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The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail (BFRT) will be a 25-mile rail trail between Lowell and Framingham, along the former Lowell Secondary Track right-of-way of the Old Colony Railroad. In Sudbury, the rail corridor extends though the center of Town, approximately 4.4 miles from South Sudbury near Route 20, north to the Sudbury/Concord Town line. The Town is in the process of designing the trail which will be constructed with State and Federal support.

In May 2017, the project was placed on the 2018-2022 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) of the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) committing construction funding during Federal Fiscal Year 2022.  If MPO schedule modifications occur, it is possible the project could advance to construction sooner.

In September 2017, the 25% Design Submission (see links below) was sent to MassDOT to initiate their formal review.  MassDOT will hold a Design Public Hearing in Sudbury once their comments have been addressed by the Design Team.

If you wish to learn more about the project, please see the links to resources below.

Please see the BFRT Design Task Force Meeting webpage for information on the Task Force.

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25% Design Plans Submitted to MassDOT, September 2017

Town Letters to MassDOT:  September 8, 2017 and  September 15, 2017
25% Design Plan Set
25% Design Submission Booklet (Highway, Environmental, and Traffic Checklists, Construction Cost Estimate, and Parking Memo)
Functional Design Report
Hop Brook Preliminary Structures Report 
Pantry Brook Bridge Type Study Report

25% Design Right of Way (ROW) Plans
25% Design Utility Plans

Other Documents, September 2017
Designer (VHB) Response to Town Comments 
Estimated Wetlands Impacts
Estimated Floodplain Impacts

Preliminary Design Plans

Preliminary Design Memo from VHB
Preliminary Design Plans Overview Presentation Identifying Some Challenge Areas
Preliminary Design Plans
Preliminary Profiles
Preliminary Cross Sections
Preliminary Roadway Crossing Plans Feb 2017

Alternatives Analysis
Potential Roadway Alternative Routes

Design Process
Proposal Request – 25% Design BFRT; September 10, 2014
Accepted Proposal Response – VHB; October 3, 2014 

October Update Memo – BOS Meeting; November 1, 2016
August Update Memo – VHB; August 31, 2016
Town Counsel Opinion on Superseding Order of Conditions; August 7, 2015
MassDOT Letter; May 5, 2015
MassDOT Letter; May 1, 2014 


BFRT Meetings
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Meeting; March 9, 2017 Meeting Flier  Notes
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Meeting; November 29, 2016   
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Design Charrette; August 25, 2016   Notes
Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Meeting; June 21, 2016   Presentation 
Rails to Trails Public Forum; January 22, 2015  
Rails to Trails Forum Minutes

Other Items
Town Meeting CPC Appropriation Vote; May 7, 2014
Board of Selectmen BFRT Gift Acceptance Vote; April 8, 2014 (begins on page 5)